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ring xperience in the traditional automotive industry allow BOSCH to remain a giant in the new car age? This is a problem as the only established sensor,
software and services in three core competitiveness in Chinas overall networking solutions provider,
BOSCH launched a new Internet business strategy in China: the future will actively expand the four major areas of Internet traffic,
Internet industry,
intelligent Home Furnishing and wisdom of the citys new business support China Internet + development strategy.
BOSCHs interconnection strategy is not difficult to understand for unknown partners.
In simple terms,
ten thousand people may have ten thousand BOSCH in their eyes,
because they do too much.
In the automotive industry,
for example,
the first impressions of BOSCH might have jumped out of ESP,
spark plugs,
diesel common rail,
and so forth.
Outside the automotive industry,
invisible sensors SIEMENS appliances,
electric drill,
and we once knew,
many are from BOSCH,
there are 3/4 intellig

Zhang Xinyu was also her predecessor is not residue on her hell-bent

ring al: XZKnowYou Zhang Xinyu is really hard to wash white for one hundred years,
once back to liberation.
because of the hard filming + self good,
recently really have the feeling that she was going to brush out the favorability,
the result has been photographed and three men to touch the chest,
and with a lingering kiss on the white woman.
Users are also recognized Zhang Xinyu active man is thinking kiss beauty producer Liang Zhenhua,
has a wife at home.
Although Miss Zhang tried to clarify the matter,
she said it was only a group of people playing games,
just too close,
so she looked like she was kissing.
But of course the crowd do not believe,
there are plans,
there is truth,
who is not a fool.
So Miss Zhang pushed for a time Zuotai old things have been again,
and you and the popular image of slag.
strange to say,
and then her former boyfriend and slag,
were hell-bent to her! TVB popular niche,
Ng Cheuk Hai inclusive of all of Zhang Xinyus little temperament,
ready to re

[utility] the toilet smells bad, the wife used these methods immediately tasteless

ring TV4 (ID:cctvzgxw),
a comprehensive network to the summer,
hot and humid weather makes the home corner odor is very easy,
but not easy to clean up bad.
9 Tips to help you easily eliminate home smell children! 1,
the smell of wet,
drawers often emit musty.
You can put a bar of soap,
that is,
in addition to,
you can also be dried tea residue into the cloth bag,
distribution throughout,
to remove mildew at the same time,
but also exudes a trace of fragrance.
cigarette smoke,
smoke indoors,
the result is smoke filled,
choking smoke,
as well as physical health.
If you have similar trouble,
you can use vinegar dipped gauze,
waving or lit candles inside the room,
smoke can be removed.
the smell of paint decoration are painted walls or buy new furniture will have a strong smell of paint,
you need to put two basins in the indoor cold saline,
one to two days paint smell will be eliminated,
can also be soaked onion pot oh.
fish smell,
such as stir fry pan,
there is fishy

[personnel] Mudi Zhuang Ren Fengxian party secretary Ren Huayuan in Fengxian District on behalf of the mayor

ring istrict News Office released this morning,
Fengxian held a meeting of Party and government cadres,
will be announced Zhuang,
Ren Fengxian,
party secretary,
Huayuan served as Deputy Secretary of the Fengxian District,
the acting mayor.
Zhuang Mudi,
born in March 1965,
Han nationality,
Shanghai people,
member of the Communist Party of China,
participated in the work in July 1984,
the Central Party school graduate,
Former Songjiang District Yexie town party secretary,
chairman of the town peoples Congress,
Business District Secretary of the Party committee,
the district development and Planning Committee Party Secretary and director,
vice mayor of Jiading District,
Party committee,
Fengxian District Committee,
deputy mayor,
Fengxian deputy secretary,
mayor and other staff.
born in May 1974,
Han nationality,
native born in Shanghai,
full time university,
Bachelor of science,
master of public administration,
joined the work in July 1996,
joined the Communist Part

This kind of person never helps

ring  of green can listen to audio - read anchor jingle - - the | ferry of my friends at home to sweep the floor,
she ran the kindergarten nephew: aunt,
I help you sweep the floor.
She cheerfully gave the broom to her nephew,
and planned to see him go on.
The small guy said: you sweep me,
also sweep,
just call me to help you.
they say I help you,
not Ill do it for you.
Why dont you just stand by when I help you? 1 I rarely allow derivative Shuabing in my space,
but except Miao Miao,
she is a funny girl,
can get boring sales work flavorfully.
So I always pay attention to the updates and sometimes interact with them.
Just a month ago,
I saw them releasing new developments for their little team.
As a positive young man,
Miao Miao and his group have done public welfare to help the poor.
Miao Miao is a poor single parent family,
and poor father took just on the primary school children,
life is very tragic.
I saw Miao Miao was filled with righteous indignation in space,
because according

Italy VS British Tucao war, this is really a love to kill the brotherhood

ring ords,
Italy and corrupt country,
which is a pair of European mutual Tucao to death good foundation friends.
To ask the British,
which country most despised,
must be Italy.
In combination with the opinions of my friends and my British friends,
the British think the Italians have a lot of trouble with them.
Do Italians play football very well? Still boast every day,
many cattle X,
probably you all have Baba brain like that?.
Why dont we play football? This is the real mans sport.
(theyre all male models,
and the female fans probably dont care).
How many governments have you changed since World War Two? The question is,
has it changed so many times?.
(not much,
just more than 50.
) Can you stop talking while youre talking?! (the Italian spoke! Dont! Love! Do not hand gestures,
mouth will never stop) saw 40 year old Mom Po boy? Go to Italy,
the streets are full of (well Italy mother is not generally huduzi.
) Late late Deli straight gas strong,
it will drive me crazy.